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Every five years since their 1984 graduation from rival high schools in Tempe, eight friends have made a point to spend a long weekend together in their former hometown — and since 1994, they’ve depended on Dunn Transportation to keep ’em close while they’re here.

On their most recent pilgrimage, “the great eight” traveled from St. Louis, Memphis, Boulder, Lubbock and Anaheim to rent a guest condo overlooking Tempe Town Lake. Dunn provided door-to-door service to and from an Arizona Fall League baseball game at Sloan Park in Mesa, gallery talks at Tempe Center for the Arts and ASU’s Ceramics Research Center, a farm tour and wine tasting at Agritopia/Barnone in Gilbert, and a rather epic pub crawl of five breweries throughout the East Valley.

How many rental cars, navigation checks and text messages would it have taken to keep the great eight in line? Which carload would have missed Laura’s deadpan vow to plant peppers back home in Anaheim? Which breweries would have been skipped in the name of cautious self-driving? With an air-conditioned trolley and Dunn at the helm, these friends chalked up another no-holds-barred milestone. Where can Dunn Transportation take your group in safe, comfortable style?