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If there’s one thing better than attending a summer wedding, it’s letting loose at a bachelor (or bachelorette) party in the weeks leading up to it. Weddings can be fun in a wholesome kind of way, but we all know that parties are really the main event in terms of pure, unadulterated entertainment.

The secret to throwing a memorable bachelor party is taking care of the logistics and planning in advance, so you can focus on partying when the day comes. And one of the first things on your bachelor party to-do list should be organizing a suitable mode of transport for the occasion.

It’s no secret that Scottsdale is a town built for riding, and unless you plan on renting a heard of horses to carry your posse around town, your best bet is to use a motorized vehicle. Better yet, why not take things a step further by adding a pair of wheels to the party and renting out a party bus?

Scottsdale is just the right size for going on a miniature bachelor tour. You’ll get to visit multiple locations with just enough downtime between them to steel yourself for another round of partying.

If this is your first time riding on a party bus in Scottsdale, you might be wondering which places are worth visiting on your tour. Well, look no further. Below you will find 3 sample party bus itineraries you can use as inspiration for throwing the perfect bachelor (or bachelorette) party.


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Standard Trip

When it comes to bachelor parties, sometimes the best way to make everyone happy is to keep things simple. Different guests have different tastes, and ideally you want everyone to be on the same page regarding how they like to party. So for this itinerary, we will stick to the basics.

Start things off with lunch at a quality restaurant. Scottsdale has a great many fine dining establishments – there is plenty to choose from in terms of cuisine, locale, and price. We recommend visiting Ristorante Giuseppe, a local favorite when it comes to Italian cuisine.

After everyone’s been properly fed, pack it up and get on the party bus, and put on some classic tunes. Your next stop is one of Scottsdale’s many golf courses. Scottsdale is often ranked as one of the top golf destinations in the US, and its reputation is well deserved. During summer, green fees are in the $10 – $50 range per round with a cart, which is a small price to pay for a premium course.

Once you’ve had enough of swinging, head on back to your ride, and start getting ready for the evening entertainment at the Dakota. The Dakota is a lively Old Town nightlife destination that combines casual fun with a touch of glamour. Try to reserve the street-side patio, and enjoy and evening of talking with friends while watching the bustle on the street.


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Culture Trip

If you’re trying to create a party for a more artsy, hipsterish crowd, Scottsdale has plenty to offer as well. To make things interesting from the outset, use your party bus rental as a mobile masquerade. Ask the attendees to bring their own costumes, or provide one for each of them, and thematically decorate the bus.

As for places to visit, you can begin with an art crawl in Old Town. Check out the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and its expansive collection of modern art, design and architecture. Also, don’t miss out on Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, which features historical exhibits from the states of the American West, Arizona included.

Once you have your fill of art, head off to the Kazimierz, one of Old Town’s premier wine and whiskey bars. Find a nook in the corner and drink quality Arizona wine, nibble on some flatbread, and relax on the couches in the dimly lit central room.

After a quick pit-stop at the party bus, proceed to the Musical Instrument Museum for a live performance. The museum possesses instruments from many countries across the globe, with an emphasis on tribal, folk, and ethnic music. It features performances by live musicians every week, so check out their schedule in advance to find something everyone likes.

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Party Trip

Moderation is fine and well, but if you want to unlock the full potential of a party bus, this next itinerary is for you. To start things off, stock the party bus minibar with as much booze as it can hold. Attach a disco ball to the ceiling, and put on some party tunes. Then pick up the attendees and head straight for town.

Your first stop is the Scottsdale Beer Company, a local brewery with a truly gigantic selection of craft beers. Drop in during happy hour between 3pm and 7pm, and save $1 on every in-house craft beer you buy. Once everyone starts getting tipsy, resist the temptation to stay for one more drink, and head on to the bus for some partying on the move.

As soon as the sun goes down, it’s time to hit the clubs. We recommend you check out the Maya Day and Nightclub, named after an ancient trickster deity. At the club you will find elaborate dance floor performances, fire breathers, dancers swinging from the rafters, and world-famous DJs. Prepare for a long, wild night.

Your last stop for the evening (or morning) is the casino for some high-stakes games of chance. Casino Arizona is the first permanent casino in Scottsdale, and is operated by local Indian tribes. Have some drinks on the house, and pour your heart out as you inevitably start losing coins to hungry slot machines.

Take a Bus to Party Town

Scottsdale is one of the best places in Arizona to go on a tour with a party bus. The roads are a pleasure to drive on, and there are venues to suit every crowd. Whether you’re looking for some wholesome entertainment, a quirky exploration of local culture, or a night of complete debauchery, Scottsdale has got you covered. Now all you need is to reserve your ride.